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Thunderbolt 2 Storm And Lightning Detector w/ Lanyard

Thunderbolt 2 Storm And Lightning Detector w/ Lanyard

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ThunderBolt 2 Lightning Detector w/Lanyard

The ThunderBolt 2 lightning detector is a limited release of the ThunderBolt flagship model U1 lightning detector in an attractive camouflage pattern. Same reliable ThunderBolt Detection software that you have come to know and trust. The ThunderBolt2 Lightning Detector detects lightning strikes up to 130 miles (210kM) away, then ranges, tracks, and alerts you with over 50 different messages of storm situations including the storm’s lightning distance and approach speed (ETA) from 0-75 miles (120kM). It warns when lightning becomes a local threat, and when it is safe to resume outdoor activities.


  • Storm Detection Range: up to 130 miles / 210kM
  • Displays Storm Distance from 0-75 miles / 120kM
  • Intelicharge Rechargeable Battery System
  • Rechargeable worldwide with included Intelicharge Power Adapter on any current & plug configuration
  • Communicates in Miles and Kilometers
  • Visual and Audible Tone storm warnings settings
  • Highest-grade durable plastic
  • Fully gasketed (Water resistant)
  • Easy-to-read backlit LCD text screen
  • Text message library containing over 50 different storm messages including
    • Estimated Time to Arrival,
    • Approach Speed,
    • Storm is Local,
    • Time to Clear,
    • Closest Activity,
    • Squall Line, Severe Storm, Multiple Storm Cells warnings, and more

Operating Manual - English PDF Booklet
Operating Manual - Spanish PDF Booklet
(Set the printer to print landscape double side flipping the long side to print booklets.)

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