Thunderbolt Lightning and Storm Detector

  • Is the X2 lightning detector accurate?
    • Two major things differentiate it from the competition.
      • First, The accuracy of the x2 and its sensor was developed by expert electrical engineers. The sensor was thoroughly tested to establish its credibility in real storm environments
      • Second, the X2 method of detection is somewhat different. The X2 uses a different (higher) frequency to avoid noise sources that lead to interference.
  • Can I use the X2 Lightning Detector Indoors?
    • The X2 can be used indoors but its sensitivity can be hindered by large amounts of steel and concrete. The best possible use is outdoors or nearly outdoors with no more than a single wall in-between the detector and the outdoors.
  • How far (Kilo meter) this unit (X2) can detect any lightning accurately on the maximum ?
    • The unit can detect to a range of 40km.
  • Other Detectors on the market claim to detect lightning between 40KM and 140KM, why does the X2 only claims to detector up to 40K?
      Beyond 40Km the accuracy to detect lightning falls off dramatically and as such the the reporting is not reliable. The X2 was designed with accurate and realistic reporting of lightning activity as it first priority The X2 may detect outside 40K, but the range accuracy is suspect.
  • Please explain more about blue light and the different blinking patterns.
    • Slow Blink: 1 Blink every 8 seconds
      Indicates the unit is powered ON and listening
    • Fast Blink: 1 Blink every second
      Indicates the unit has an un-viewed notification regarding a detected lightning strike. Press the red center  button to view the information.
    • Solid On: Unit is calibrating or displaying information
      (not listening)
  • On the " Alarm Setting" screen, what is the meaning of Alarm distance ?
    • The distance setting is when the alarm will go off.
  • What will  happen if Vibrate and Tone are both untick (leave in blank)
    • Untick the box and its mutes the alarm/buzzer
  • Can you estimate how long 2 x AA alkaline battery can be run ?

    The X2 is one of the best performing unit in the industry.  The X2 comes with 2 Rayovac Ultra Pro AA batteries will last unit approximately 2 weeks listening mode. For even longer battery life Lithium Non-rechargeable batteries can be used. It is not recommended to use rechargeable batteries  as you may experience undesirable results.

  • What is the port connection on the side of X2?

    The port is an engineering port only and is not currently used by the user. Technically, the unit can be safely powered off of this port but we cant officially endorse its use because it has not been thoroughly tested and will likely result in degraded performance due to injected noise.

  • Is the X2 Certified.
    • Yes, The X2 has passed all the necessary FCC and CE certification, and is RoHS complainant.
  • Does the X2 detect cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning,
    • The X2 detects both cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to ground lightning.