Lightning Safety on the Job

Know your company's lightning safety warning program. Businesses that have high risk functions, such as explosive storage or field repairs, should have a formal lightning warning policy that meets two basic requirements:

  1. A lightning danger warnings that can be issued in time for everyone to get to a safe location
  2. Access to a safe place

Emergency Action Plan

If you hear thunder it is probably to late to safety evacuate employees, customers, and members of the pubic, so advance warning is critical.

The Thunderbolt U1 provide incremental settings to match your companies lightning shutdown policy.  

Employers should have a written Emergency Action Plan (EAP), as outlined in 29 CFR 1910.38 or 29 CFR 1926.35.

The EAP should include a written lightning safety protocol for outdoor workers. This lightning safety protocol should:

• Inform supervisors and workers to take action after hearing thunder, seeing lightning, or perceiving any other warning signs of approaching thunderstorms.

• Indicate how workers are notified about lightning safety warnings. • Identify locations and requirements for safe shelters.

• Indicate response times necessary for all workers to reach safe shelters.

• Specify approaches for determining when to suspend outdoor work activities, and when to resume outdoor work activities.

• Account for the time required to evacuate customers and members of the public, and the time needed for workers to reach safety.